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6 years back we started with a mission to provide a Exceptional ERP with extreme precision to every business owner in India. But what actually happen was we met great failures with every client so we identified many reasons but among all of those the number one culprit was TIME…. yes with our experience and research we found out that there is 75% failure rate in the ERP industry because ERP’s take lot of time to Implement. So to tackle this we scraped down the traditional method to implement the ERP and start building the new, aggressive and scientific method with a goal to minimise 1 week of time to implement with every new installation and slowly reaching to the Magical number of 1month(30days) from earlier of 6 to 8 months(183 to 245 days). So being bold and acquiring Speed ensures your 100% implementation and to seal the deal for extra safety we also started to provide one ERP expert at your location for full 1year for training, minor changes and guidance.

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We Offer High Quality Service at Correct Price

Ridiculously simple ready to use ERP which can be completely customised according to your business requirements, at a fantastic price point all of this within record time of just 30 days.

*2 days for Individual Models

*1 day for POS.

Providing Exceptional ERP Solution

Providing exceptional ERP in every firm in India to Help India take a step towards becoming developed nation and taking India’s GDP to new level by making Indian businesses flourish and reach International standards to attract foreign investors in India for further growth.

Help Our Customer

Help our Customers reach peak potential and grow exponentially henceforth creating more Jobs and helping economy.


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