Our Core Team

Shashikant Varma



The Brain of the firm the link which connects to everyone.A vision of creating the most unique and advanced BPM-IT firm in India which focuses on clients rather than themselves led to the foundation of the firm

Aniket Shinde

B.E Computer Science, Linux, RHCE

He is the BackBone of the firm providing technical excellence and vision required to take our firm to next level. Micro-analyzing things and coming out with the ultimate solution are some his expertise.

Basant Singh Mahar

Software Architect and Functional Consultant

The most important link between our programmers and Client.This Genius Functional consultant with insanely deep knowledge of software architecture.

Vignesh A

B.E Computer Science
Senior Team Leader

Ability to carry out the entire implementation of any firm single-handedly. From E-commerce to ERP an expert within a league of its own. A prominent leader and a fierce programmer.

Developers and Support Brigade of 45+

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